How to ROOT Any Android

Posted: January 18, 2017 in android, hacking

In this post you are about to learn How to ROOT just any Android phone or Tablet Just by flashing SuperSU using TWRP Recovery. Here we will be sharing all the necessary steps to flash SuperSu On An Android device using a TWRP recovery.

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SuperSU is an Android Recovery flashable zip file developed by developer ChainFire. You can think of this as a magic package that works on just every Android device. this basically contains a “su” binary which allows the root access on an Android phone. A recovery has full access to add or modify the system content of an Android Operating system and hence this SuperSu package is able to give your Android the power of ROOT access.

How to Install TWRP Recovery

ou can download TWRP recovery for your device from TeamWin’s official repository for the recovery. And in case you don’t find your device listed there, do a search for it on our website once. We cover both official and unofficial TWRP builds from various Android community forums such as XDA on a regular basis. So you might find an unofficial TWRP build for your device on our site.

Download TWRP Recovery

Note: Make sure to get the .tar file of TWRP recovery for your Samsung device to be able to flash/install using Odin.

Download Odin 3.12.3


Download link for Latest SuperSU
Download link for STABLE SuperSU
Download link for SuperSU BETA

Step By Step Guide.

How to flash SuperSU using TWRP and ROOT android

  1. Download and copy the SuperSU zip file on your Android device. (Download from the downloads section)
  2. Now Boot your Android device into TWRP recovery.
  3. Then Just Select Install from TWRP home screen, then select the SuperSU on your Android and flash the SuperSU by Sliding the Swipe to Confirm Flash on TWRP screen.
  4. Wait for TWRP to flash the SuperSU completely. Once the flashing is done just reboot your device.
  5. Done!!! Your Android device is now rooted.

Here is a screenshot how to flash the SuperSU via TWRP:
Flash SuperSU via TWRP and ROOT Android

if you have any concerns or any difficulties on this guide then feel free to place a reply on this thread to get instant help.

Get it on Google Play

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  1. Nigerian guy says: this also work on the infinix note 4. If yes, please give a detailed step on it


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  4. LiquetBlog says:,
    I would like Root for my Lenovo P1ma40. Can you give me the link for download?
    Thanks a lot


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  8. killerbeastly says: would I go about rooting my Nvidia Shield K1? I’m not able to do it using the above method.


  9. ★Roblex says:★i do use a Vodafone smart kicka ve vfd100, and i just can’t find a way to get it rooted….could u help me plz!…????


  10. Ken Wilson says: about a samsung galaxy s6 can they be rooted?


  11. Marc says: apparently I’m an idiot. I’m trying to root a Samsung J3 Emerge. This is the most detailed guide I’ve found, but I’m still confused on the steps. Could anyone help, please??


  12. Jess says:’m trying to root my LG k20 and I can’t seem to find a twrp recovery for this device


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